We are the Canadian Standard on Quality Control and Assurance Specialists!
That means we provide valuable guidance and assistance to our clientele, who are almost exclusively other Chartered Professional Accountants in Ontario and across Canada as follows:

External Quality Control Review or EQCR

Within every firms Quality Assurance Manual, it dictates which of your year end assurance engagements require third party External Quality Control Review.
These are usually files that are:
1. Public Company Audits;
2. Larger Assurance Engagements, either Audit or Review Engagements (generally dictated by the the Dollar size of the engagement billings of the percentage of the firms billings);
3. Higher Assessed Risk Engagements;
Our firm has more than 35 years of experience performing the EQCR on these type of engagement files and would be pleased to provide our knowledge, guidance and expertise to your firm if you have these type of engagements.
We have particular expertise with the review of public company audited files and audited financial statements, including the required Management Discussion and Analysis (M D & A) that must be prepared and reviewed by the External Auditors as part of these type of engagements.  Let us help you with these important and high risk engagements to ensure that everything is correct and complete before filing and that everything will meet or exceed the necessary standards, including the Canadian Public Accountability Board (CPAB) and the CPA Canada and Provincial Institute and Stock Exchange requirements.

Practice Inspection Support and Guidance

Is your firms practice inspection coming up this year?  Have you already received the Letters from your Provincial Institute advising you of your firms upcoming Practice Inspection?
If so, we are here to help in many ways!
We can:
a. Review your firms files and financial statements and ensure that they meet or exceed all of the current Provincial and Canada wide standards;
b. Ensure your Quality Assurance Manual (QAM) is current and up to date;
c. Perform your firms required External Policy and/or External Statement and File reviews if you have not already had this completed for you.

External Monitoring and Peer to Peer Review

Under the Canadian Standards on Quality Control, otherwise known as CSQC1, 
All accounting firms performing assurance engagements are required to establish certain monitoring processes. We have the experience and the knowledge to help other firms comply with these requirements efficiently and cost-effectively. In particular, we can assist with:
  • Annual ongoing monitoring: Firms must assess their quality control system annually and prepare reports on their findings. While firms can undertake this process themselves, they may not have an individual on staff with the requisite qualifications or the time to complete the assessment. We have the expertise and the experience to offer these services.
  • Cyclical inspection of completed files: At lease once every three years, at least one engagement per partner must be inspected. We have years and years of extensive hands on experience reviewing engagement files. The benefits of hiring our firm to complete this cyclical inspection include:
    • Ensuring your firm’s compliance with the required cyclical inspection
    • Identifying file deficiencies and firm training needs
    • Selecting someone to provide guidance on accounting and assurance issues

When the inspection is complete, we provide a report of our findings with recommended corrective actions.

Tax Return Review and Tax Compliance Services

Our firm has successfully reviewed and/or prepared over 40,000 tax returns including T1's, T2's and T3's, including numerous returns for public corporations.
If you want assurance and comfort that your returns have been properly prepared, or you have a return that is particularly difficult or challenging, please let us help.
We will use our over 40 years of experience reviewing and preparing tax returns to ensure that your clients return are accurate and complete before they are filed!

Scientific Research and Experimental Development and Related Tax Credits (SR & ED)

We have over 25 years of practical hands on experience helping our CA/CPA firm clients prepare and process the Federal and Provincial SR & ED returns for their clients from small claims of a few thousand dollars to claims exceeding $30,000,000!
You should have seen the smile on the face of our client when their $30,000,000 cheque arrived some 2 1/2 weeks after we completed and filed the claim for them!
Let us help you and your clients to earn these valuable and often firm saving credits from the Federal and Provincial Governments that they are entitled to!
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